circuits has been in the works for about four years. If you enjoyed the game, please consider donating to support the project and its creator by clicking the button above.

circuits is a narrative-based Twine game that explores what it means to remember, witness, and talk about sexual trauma. The story grapples with everything that can and cannot be said, whether these stories are told online, to the media, to health care professionals, or even in legal courts. The game weaves photography and words together to unravel a fragmented experience of memory and recovery.

content warning: circuits contains mention of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and violence as well as references to self-harm and mental illness.


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this actually made me cry. i want you to know that i actually felt my heart being pulled every word I read. this is a beautiful story, thank you

thank you


I'm sure our stories are not the same, but I felt a connection between us through this story. Thank you.

love this so much! I actually... have no words to express how much I love this. I have at least 5 screenshots of your story.


This is amazingly well put together, and nowhere near enough comments here to push people into playing/reading/experiencing it. Well worth setting aside 15-20 minutes for, when you have the time and space to dedicate to it.


I have spent a while trying to figure out exactly how to describe how this made me feel. It nudged something deep in my soul and I can't thank you enough. Please keep creating. Please keep nudging.


Great work creator. 


Nice work 0w0,so wonderful game.